Christian Rap has many names -- Holy Hip Hop, Gospel Rap, Gospel Hip Hop and even Christ Hop -- but regardless of what name you call it, the basics are the same. Christian rappers use their music to share their faith and to reach places that other styles could never enter. Unlike secular/mainstream rap, which frequently glorifies sex, drinking, violence and drugs, Christian Rap focuses on The One who can deliver you from all of those things. So here at The Gospel According To Hip Hop we bring you the best of those unsigned and independent Gospel hip hop and R/B artists as they display their God given talents. The Gospel; keeping you informed entertained an tuned in to musical inspiration according to hip hop.


Mistarafiki – Ride Or Die

Bigg Swagg – Vibe To

“Rapper Mistarafiki dropped a music video for his song “Ride or Die.”

Some may have close friends who have been with them through thick and thin, but that friend for me is the Holy Spirit. This track is dedicated to him and may the glory go to God above,” he said.

Rapper Bigg Swagg released his music video for “Vibe To.”


Rapper Porsha Love dropped her new music video for the song     


“SHUDDA” featuring Lance Hitch.

“The concept of this song came from understanding that the enemy, Satan, will try to continuously pull back into what God has brought you out of. Now that you have come to the knowledge of knowing who you are in Christ, there is no way you can go back now. He SHUDDA fooled you when he had the chance.”

Porsha Love – SHUDDA Ft. Lance Hitch

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