The internets newest home for the hottest unsigned and independent artists of any genre; from anywhere around the world.  The Cestionz Show (sessions) is a one hour hip hop and r/b music podcast bringing to life the artists and the music you wont hear on your mainstream dial. Our purpose is to give a platform to talented artists that wont or cant be heard on other music shows and allowing you full freedom with your craft  So join host Gonsein (go_insane) nightly at 10pm cst and see what the real artists of the world have to say.  Its the hottest iradio show on the net, tune in an become a fan

... is one of the hottest ijocks in the game and has been spinning the worlds unsigned and independent hype for the last 5 years in and out of syndication.  Gonsein (Go Insane) brings to the Cestionz series the energy that has been missing from mainstream radio and delivers each show with a dynamic brilliance that is a party to your ears; much like his sit down interviews Gonsein will always go to the limit to bring you the best broadcast allowed. He is from New Orleans and knows how to capture the world with that southern charm ... Its Mr. Who and What of this music business and we got him nightly on the hottest iradio show on the net

Gonsein: The Host




Shines a light on this seasons hottest unsigned and independent artists as they try and make their mark on the music industry.  Join us each week as artists from as far away as the UK take the hot seat and talk about everything from politics to what they dislike about the business; also they bring us THE EXCLUSIVES and we spin them just for you. So open your ears and we'll open your mind or call in and chat it up with your favorite artists live in studio.  We do it each week Wednesdays at 8pm Cst

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